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Kota News : Will be sunk...
on 2006/7/22 14:23:51
Kota News

This field where you see yellow mustured crop is river's wasteland. During rainy season around 16-17 gates of Kota Dam (which is around 6Kms) are open each year and this entire field including the hut at right side will be sunk completely.

This temporary farming helps these type of families. At present there is mustured crop and they will also grow second** crop as wheat or similar type. It will give this family a full year of food and temporary shelter.

** Condition for second crop:
1. Survival of current crop
2. Interest etc. to pay in market for this crop's fertilizer & seeds
3 Balance due payment of various heads including shopkeepers, marriage loans etc.

::: I tried various efforts to enhance the original foggy image as it was taken from much distance and fog was there, hence quality is not at par.

Kota News : Mera Bharat Mahan
on 2006/7/22 14:23:02

The boats are used for picking sand from other side of river. This is a shot from river Chambal at Keshorai Patan - Rangpur side. Government local body assigns contracts of picking sand from the river and this scene explains the way transportation medium has been used for the purpose.
Whenever you see a truck on the road in India, there are certainly some funny or good dialogues are found on the back-side of the truck. The "Mera Bharat Mahan" dialogue has been written on this truck means "My India is Great".
:: I have not cropped the bottom area because it may give some false location of the truck in the water.

India News : The Agro Management
on 2006/7/22 14:20:58
India News

The wheat stocks at Bhamashah Mandi (Asia's Largest Grain Marketplace).
The Farmers waits for their crop to be sold to brokers.

The Sales System:

1. Farmer comes and enroll his grain, weight of the grain is taken, a token is issued.
2. Site for display is allocated for grain quality display.
3. Employees of the grain marketplace (Government Department) comes with dealers, brokers to the site.
4. Auction takes place. If the farmer agrees, the grain is being sold out to the dealers, brokers.
5. The Farmer always has an option to sell his grain directly to government department on the scheduled fixed rates.
6. The purchaser then took the delivery and send the grain to Godowns and warehouses for further selling to wholesalers or retailers.

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