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Kota News : Traffic Garden, Kota
on 2006/8/8 21:05:47
Kota News

This is Traffic Garden at Kota. This garden is made for children to teach them traffic rules.

Kota News : All schools to have their own buildings within 2-1/2 years...
on 2006/8/7 21:14:59

All schools to have their own buildings within 2-1/2 years...
You may need this Arjun Font to read this news from DIPR, Govt. of Rajasthan. Download this font and copy it into your Windows/fonts folder. Restart the machine. If still in problem, send an e-mail to rakesh@citynews.co.in

India News : Jag Mandir, Kota
on 2006/8/7 17:32:45
India News

The "Jag Mandir" (Jag Temple) is a building which attracts attention of many people coming to Kota. This building has been kept for development of tourism and soon it will be opened for tourists.
If one wants to go there by boat, there is no restriction.

This is in the center of this pond-cum-reservoir.

India News : Leharo se darkar...
on 2006/8/7 17:18:44

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India News : 3D(Yr 1683) 2D(Yr 2005)
on 2006/8/5 16:57:53

The temple "Eighty Four Pillar's Cenotaph" in Bundi city of Rajasthan. It was was built by King Rao Raj Anirudh's Nurse Borther Devaji in year 1683.

In the center of the frame and Cenotaph, you can see Lord Shiva's Shivalinga.

I also have some others photos without any person but decided to post this one so that it may reflect actual daily acitivities around these type of historical places.

The walls of the Cenotaph are very rich in terms of artwork.

3D(Yr 1683) 2D(Yr 2005)::->
The girls are students of Fine Arts and are working on their project .

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