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Business : AIEEE Paper Leak Cost
on 2011/5/1 6:30:00

Today, AIEEE paper leaked and I just estimated its direct association with our economy. Here is the figure that will amaze you about how a culprit in the greed of few lakh Rupees can harm our National Economy.

Total Students to appear (my estimate at minimum side): 12 Lakh = 12,00,000 Students = 1.2 Million Students
Cost of Extra one day's travel and conveyance to re-appear in the examination (if happens) = Rs. 1,000
(I had taken minimum average only)
So 12,00,000 x 1,000 = 12,00,000,000 = 1200 Million = 120 Crore Rupees only!

So, we can loose 120 Crore Rupees and 12 Million Work days.

Now, feel more proud of being an Indian as this is just half of the money expensed over British Royal wedding of Kate and Williams which I mentioned in my earlier Notes which I calculated just one year interest amount of OUR Kohinoor diamondís estimated worth.

Thank you.
Enjoy and Relax!
You can contact me via http://facebook.com/computerwave

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