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Env & Geography :  POPs - the Dirty Twelve
on 2010/2/1 21:17:08

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), i.e. Dirty Twelve are Dioxins, Furans, DDT, Poly-Chlorinated By- Phynel (PCB), Aldrin, Chlorodane, Deldrin, Endrin, Hepata-chloro, Hexa-Chloro Benzene (BHC/Lindance) Mirex and Toxaphene.

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) are persistent and extremely toxic. Even released in relatively small quantities they degrade very slowly. POPs are lipophllic and hence bioaccumulates in the fat tissue of organisms once exposed. They move from one level to higher level in the food chain and biomagnity. Furthermore, POPs have the ability to travel and concentrate in the environment and biota of regions far away from the original source of production through the long –range transport mechanisms through air and water. Thus POPs is an issue of national, regional and global concern.

Broadly , a group of pesticides & Insecticides consisting of Alpha BHC, Beta BHC, Gama BHC (Lindane) ,OP DDT, PP DDT, Alpha Endosulphan, Beta Endosulphan, Dieldrin, Carboryl (Carbamate), 2.4D, Aldrin, Malathian, Methly Parathian, Anilophos, Chloropyriphos are POPs.

Factsheet by Ministry of Environment and Forests, India
[Source: PIB]

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