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Snake Charmer

Snake CharmerPopular
SubmitterrakeshMore Photos from rakesh   Last Update2010/2/7 21:37    Tell a friendTell a friend
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Snake Charmer in Mathura

Barsana Town of Mathura

Barsana Town of MathuraPopular
SubmitterrakeshMore Photos from rakesh   Last Update2010/1/9 13:49    Tell a friendTell a friend
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Here is a view of famous historical Barsana Town of Mathura, India

Snake Charmer

Snake CharmerPopular
SubmitterrakeshMore Photos from rakesh   Last Update2010/1/8 18:29    Tell a friendTell a friend
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A Snake Charmer showing a snake which looks wearing some grass. Looks a painful act by this charmer on the snake.

Aloo Tikiya

Aloo TikiyaPopular
SubmitterrakeshMore Photos from rakesh   Last Update2010/1/7 21:39    Tell a friendTell a friend
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Aloo Tikiya spicy food made with Potato at the Parikrama Marg of Goverdhan, district Mathura, India.

River Yamuna

River YamunaPopular
SubmitterrakeshMore Photos from rakesh   Last Update2010/1/7 8:01    Tell a friendTell a friend
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View of main ghaat at River Yamuna, Mathura, India.


SubmitterrakeshMore Photos from rakesh   Last Update2008/8/22 21:12    Tell a friendTell a friend
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River Narbada (Narmada) in the fog near Omkareshwar of Madhya Pradesh, India.

From the Train

From the TrainPopular
SubmitterrakeshMore Photos from rakesh   Last Update2008/6/29 21:06    Tell a friendTell a friend
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I was traveling from Jaipur to Kota and this view of Fort attracted me. However, it was very far from the Train, but I managed to see it with the help of my Camera. The Speed of the train was not lesser than 100 Kms per hour. The top blurred black part of the image is a grill of the Window.

Ancient Badoli Temples

Ancient Badoli TemplesPopular
SubmitterrakeshMore Photos from rakesh   Last Update2008/1/22 7:19    Tell a friendTell a friend
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Famous Badoli temples are situated around 40 Kms from Kota. They were built in 8th century and are recently renovated.

Allahabad Sangam

Allahabad SangamPopular
SubmitterrakeshMore Photos from rakesh   Last Update2008/1/14 14:26    Tell a friendTell a friend
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The Allahabad Sangam, where River Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswari meets. The Sangam of three rivers are treated as most holy place to have a dip and offering prayers.

Wall Painting

Wall PaintingPopular
SubmitterrakeshMore Photos from rakesh   Last Update2008/1/12 7:13    Tell a friendTell a friend
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Three Hundred years old Wall Painting

Photo No. 1-10 (out of 27 photos hit)(1) 2 3 »