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Saharia Tribal Women
Posted by rakesh on 2008/11/3 0:10:29 (1 reads)

We were traveling from Kota (Rajasthan) to Shivpuri (Madhya Pradesh) and taking enjoy of our Morning Tea along a road side Tea Stall. It is very common to hear Tractor voice/noise on Village Streets so it was not very different but suddenly I saw this tractor from back and decided to take a snap. I just opened my Camera bag and Zoomed enough to follow the speeding tractor and I hope I was successful in capturing the view.
These Saharia Tribal Women are the labor going to somewhere, I can hope either they are on their daily Job which may be some Highway construction site or somewhere on a Field.

This is a daily life transportation scene from the historic village road of Sitabari in the Baran District of Rajasthan.

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The GIMP Software
Posted by rakesh on 2007/12/19 4:14:02 (2 reads)

GIMP is everything

GIMP: GNU Image Manipulation Program
As its name stats, GIMP is a free software for image editing and retouching.

To obtain GIMP, visit http://gimp.org and follow instructions written over there. Do not forget to install gtk before installing GIMP as gtk is required to install and run this software. It is available on Linux and Windows platform.

What attracts me towards GIMP was its necessity. I am an amateur photographer snapping many of the photographs in different situations. My 20-30% of images need calibration or post processing and GIMP solved each and every problem. Now, I am also doing workshops for other photographers using GIMP.
I am preparing to post some of the tutorials for you to start with this free and versatile software.

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